Care Instructions


Please treat your accessories with love and care (as they of course deserve!). If dropped (eek!) or stored incorrectly (we have a storage board for that!), they may break or become damaged in some way.

Follow these helpful tips:

- Store accessories in a clean, dry environment (humidity can damage as well), in boxes or in an earring holder/stand/board.

- Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and moisturizers as this may cause damage to your accessories.

- Remove all accessories before making contact with water (all types!). Your products do not like to get wet- THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR TIMBER PRODUCTS!

- Treat your treasures with kindness and clean them with a jewellery polishing cloth. Microfibre works well particularly on mirror acrylic pieces- go gently!

If you ever have any questions about caring for your accessories, please get in contact with us- we are always happy to answer any questions 😊


Please store your earrings and other small accessories away from access by small children and animals to reduce the risk of ingestion or choking. The surgical stainless steel posts are very strong and can easily puncture skin and underlying tissue if trodden on.


A lot of us earring wearers have ears that are extra-sensitive to chemicals and certain metals (like me!). It is important to Meak that we only use high quality flat-pad 304 Surgical Stainless-Steel earring posts which are of hospital grade. This means that they are both lead and nickel free! We work with laser cut acrylic pieces from local Australian companies. These acrylic pieces typically measure 3mm thickness and of course vary from colours to sizes depending on the product. All earrings are made in our studio in Melbourne.

Please note, glitter and patterned acrylic pieces will vary in design and pattern placement. There is a chance the earrings you receive will look slightly different to the ones pictured. This is not a fault of the earring it is simply due to placement. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us to see more pictures.

Colours shown may vary across different computer screens & mobile devices. We have tried our very best to show you the colours of each product as closely as possible by taking pictures in natural light, outside.